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Keys for Life

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St Peter’s history and traditions are characterised by providing opportunities for young people from all backgrounds to discover their talents and enhance them. Our vision, in keeping with our traditions – and the great needs of today’s social and educational landscape – is to continue to provide opportunities to talented pupils from all backgrounds. 

The benefits of an education at St Peter’s are clear but over time the cost of attending has risen, putting the opportunity to attend out of the reach of more and more families each year. It is for this reason that this bursary campaign has been created. We want to sustain our modern, dynamic community where we walk, as our motto says, ‘over ancient ways’ and ensure that more children from each generation are equipped with the keys for life. 

I can think of no better way to mark our 1400th anniversary in 2027 than by widening access to St Peter’s – staying true to our heritage and making a lasting commitment to our future. 

I hope you will join me in supporting the Keys for Life bursary campaign.

Jeremy Walker, Head Master

Aims of the Keys for Life Bursary Campaign

There are currently 42 pupils receiving fee assistance at St Peter’s on an average 75% remission on fees including some on 100% remission. With your help, as we move towards our 1400th anniversary in 2027 we aim to more than double that number.

Why is this so important?

Widening bursary provision enhances the St Peter’s community.

  • Pupils on bursaries bring great talents to St Peter’s which benefit not just them but also their peers and the whole school.

  • We want the school community to reflect the wider world.

  • St Peter’s can and should increase its impact on social mobility in York, Yorkshire and the wider region.

What could my donation buy?

At the heart of our school community lies a group of dedicated individuals in our 627 Society who commit to monthly giving. If you are able to commit to giving each month you will be prompted when you donate and you will automatically be enrolled into the Society. 

Monthly donation  Donation with Gift Aid Over a Year Over 4 Years
£14.00 £17.50 £210 £840
£62.70 £78.38 £940.56 £3,762.24
£140 £175 £2,100 £8,400
£627 £783.75 £9,405 £37,620

Find out more about bursaries here

Hear about the impact a donation like yours could make

My five years at St Peter's had a transformational impact on my life. 

I will always be grateful for the fantastic education I received which enabled me to achieve more than I could have ever hoped for.

Alan Mak, OP (2002) Member of Parliament

 I can say with confidence my time at St Peter’s means that I am better equipped for all that the world could possibly throw at me.

 I can say with confidence my time at St Peter’s means that I am better equipped for all that the world could possibly throw at me.

Amanda Paul OP (2020) Student at Imperial College, London


Other ways to donate

At the heart of our school community lies a group of dedicated individuals who go above and beyond in their commitment to making a difference.
We are honoured to have the 627 Society, a deeply valued group of individuals whose generosity and constant support have profoundly impacted the lives of young people. Members of the 627 society commit to giving regularly to the school. 
Their remarkable donations, totalling over £37,400 this year, have enabled us to provide life-changing opportunities through bursaries to 2 pupils. The 627 Society is an invaluable partner in our mission to transform lives through education, and their contributions will continue to shape futures for generations to come.

With your support, you can help us to extend our bursary provision further.     

We prefer standing order payments set up directly into our bank account, to save bank fees and this can be set up easily through your online banking:

A/C No 25556436

Sort Code 05-09-94

A/C Name: St Peter’s School, Keys for Life Campaign

Please remember to add a reference which includes your surname followed by KFL (e.g. DunfordKFL) and send complete and return this gift declaration so we know who to thank! 


If you have no access to online banking you can complete and return this donation form, or give securely online using CAF Donate

Some donors choose to make their donation directly to the School bank account. You can make a transfer using the details below. Please use your first initial, surname and 'KFL' for our reference. You can also send an email to [email protected] with details of your donation, so we can acknowledge your support.

  • Bank: Yorkshire Bank 
  • Sort Code 05-09-94 
  • Account Number 25556436
  • Account name: St Peter’s School, York  

You can give by phone between 9:00am - 5pm from Monday to Friday.  Please call us on 01904 527 322.

Boost your donation to us by 25p for every £1 you donate by completing our Gift Aid Declaration. Making your gift tax-efficient your donation can be worth even more to us, and did you know, if you are a higher rate taxpayer your gift will cost you less. 

Find out more about Gift Aid here

Complete the Gift Aid Declaration and return to us. 

For tax-effective giving from the USA please view this page

See how tax-effective giving works by using our gift calculator below.

Some donors have chosen to fund a full bursary place for a defined period of time.

If you wish to discuss how you could fund a pupil or other opportunities for supporting the school, please contact Philippa Dunford-Jeffs on 01904 527 363.


After your family and friends have been taken care of, a legacy is an opportunity to give your support to causes you care about. There can also be tax benefits to leaving a legacy. We have more information about legacies which you can view here, and about making amendments to your existing will here.

Please contact Becky Nicholson for more information.


Keeping St Peter’s demographically diverse is very important and the Keys for Life Bursary campaign will certainly help protect that ethos. We feel it is important to offer something unique back, given the extraordinary life skills, experiences and opportunities it has provided our boys.

Chris & Fran Recchia - Parents and Volunteer Campaign Board members 


Our Commitment 

We take our responsibilities as a charity extremely seriously.  You can read our Donor Charter and fundraising guidelines or contact us if you have any questions.