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Tales from the Riverbank

Welcome to the section of the website which details the role of some of the most dedicated members of St Peter’s Boat Club – the parents!  We have put this together based solely on our personal experience of some three years' exploration of some of the more remote riverbanks and boating lakes this country has to offer. You should be able to spot fellow Boat Club parents by their often windswept, slightly muddy and occasionally damp demeanour who, regardless of storm/flood/heatwave, are usually to be found sharing much fun with other parents swapping tales of stroke-rates/crabs caught and the like, in-between riverbank sprints. Surprisingly you discover walking out through fields, forests and puddles to watch proudly as a string of St Peter’s boats sweep past in the blink of an eye, heartily cheering them on, before making the trek back, more than compensates for the satisfaction of not completing the numerous jobs needing attention in the warmth of ones own home!

Understanding Rowing

Getting to grips with the difference between rowing and sculling, an ‘eight’ and an ‘oct’ and all associated terms will be helped along if you read the brilliant 3RD Form Rowing Handbook produced by Mr Mike Hall(Maths/Linton/Rowing coach!). Most parents have no experience of rowing when their offspring decide to take up blades so you need not feel embarrassed – it is a steep learning curve which you can share with your child! Don’t hesitate to ask – the rowers themselves will be only too happy to share their expertise and, as long as you choose a convenient moment (e.g not when they are about to see their crew off on the next race!), we have the benefit of truly committed and talented Coaches who would be very willing to engage you with their vast knowledge and experience! As will other parents/supporters!

Attending Rowing Events

There is a full and varied programme over the Rowing Year from Head of the River races in the autumn to Regattas in the summer. Obviously the more support the rowers have the better at all events! Whenever you are able to come along you will usually find familiar faces to link up with and share the day. Home events are easy as you just need to make your way down to the School Boathouse where you will quickly find out the optimum spot on the banks of the Ouse from which you can shout for St Peter’s crews. Away events vary in distance to travel but maps/directions are available and usually accessible through Rowing Club websites. Your child will of course have been given a handout by his/her coach with all the relevant information a couple of days before the event so keep a look out for it!

A high point in the summer calendar is the National Schools' Regatta at the National Water Sports Centre at Nottingham at the end of May. It is held over three days and many rowers/parents book into a hotel for at least part of the weekend. We base ourselves at the School marquee on the bank of the Lake alongside other competing schools and enjoy a great spectacle and a great social occasion too.  The Saturday night sees the rowers and parents getting together for dinner to celebrate some excellent rowing and generally have a good time.

A useful suggestion is to come to all events well prepared for all possible weather conditions!  A good warm coat/scarf/gloves, wellies (the brighter the better), or walking boots in winter. Once the better weather arrives it can still be quite chilly at the waters edge!  Do remember lots of sun cream as those occasional balmy days have taken many a keen supporter by surprise.  You should also make sure your child is always properly prepared and brings plenty of dry kit to all rowing commitments!

Rowing 2013

Supporters of St Peter's Boat Club

Rowing has grown at St Peter’s in recent years resulting in the need for support to become a little more organised. To that end a Committee was formed in November 2005 with a view to offering the St Peter’s Boat Club support in various ways.  Encouraging more involvement from parents, providing refreshments at all home events, organising social events and, on occasion, raising funds to help things along at the Boat Club are all seen as part of the role of the ‘Supporters’.  Apart from supporting your child/children in their rowing endeavours through the year, you are most welcome to come along to the Annual Dinner, Quiz Night and Summer BBQ. The Committee is drawn from parents/supporters with each year group having a representative. They will be your link and keep you up to date with all the Supporters activities.  Your support for the various events will be very welcome and donations of cakes and other goodies to help with refreshments positively encouraged!! If you are able to offer to help out the Committee with any of the activities it would be most appreciated – even if just to spend an hour helping to serve refreshments at the Boat Club Gazebo on event days.

The Rowing Bug

All parents are keen to support their children in whatever venture they might undertake and sometimes it requires little input but where rowing is concerned you just can’t help but want to become more involved. The Rowers at St Peter’s are a really great bunch of young people and watching them develop their skills as oarsmen/women, in addition to growing into true ‘team players’ is a great pleasure.  The commitment they show to their chosen sport is outstanding, especially as they become more senior, and to support them in that is wonderful. They are excellent ambassadors for St Peter’s wherever they compete and as parents it is the least we can do to offer them as much support as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you on the riverbank!