Clifton School Friends

Clifton School and Nursery

Clifton School Friends

CSFClifton School Friends (CSF) is a group of parents who meet regularly and volunteer their time to support the children attending Clifton School and Nursery.

Our fundraising ambitions:

  • Resources to enhance our children's experience within Forest School
  • Resources to enhance the Wellbeing area
  • Resources for before and after school care

Our achievements to date include:

  • Helping with the costs of Year 3's annual London Trip
  • Buying interactive play materials (Scrapyard Shed)
  • Contribution to the outdoor climbing tower within the play area

Our get-togethers include:

  • Themed discos for the children
  • The Great Clifton Bake-Off
  • Quiz nights
  • Clif Fest - the summer fête
  • Pop-up cafés

Our aims:

  • Organising activities to complement the curriculum
  • Fundraising to provide additional school resources
  • Running social events that promote an inclusive community
  • Supporting the school's charitable work
  • Welcoming new parents and pupils to the school
  • Making a positive contribution to our children's experience at Clifton School and Nursery

How to get involved

Getting involved isn't a huge commitment. Any time you can give is greatly appreciated and ad-hoc volunteers are very welcome, dipping in and out whenever you can.

Our meetings are advertised in the school newsletter, but the school office also has full details of when and where we get together. We'd love to see you ar any of our meetings.