A new Boathouse for St Peter's

A new Boathouse for St Peter's

St Peter’s School Boat Club is one of the oldest School Boat Clubs in the world. Founded in 1851, taking advantage of the School’s move to a site on the banks of the River Ouse, it has thrived ever since.

Rowing has generated one of the highest tallies of internationalists for any sport at St Peter’s and our success at regional and national level puts us amongst the greatest rowing schools in the country. Originally built in 1956 to cater for just thirty rowers, our Boathouse is now far too small to cater for the 200 pupils who take to the water each year. 

Regular floods have also taken their toll on the structure of the Boathouse. It has reached the end of its useful life, and must be replaced in order to ensure our pupils and staff have the facilities that they need and deserve.

The Boathouse is part of a planned ten-year programme of investment in our campus and facilities. Your support will help us to revitalise our campus.

Our Plans

The boathouse project will consist of different phases: the first and most important is the replacement of the Lower Boathouse, with work on the launch steps and Upper Boathouse to follow after. 

Sitting a short distance from the perimeter, the Lower Boathouse is a robust, practical structure.  Designed to be floodable, and to provide easy access for the safe removal of boats and equipment at times of rising water levels, it provides accessible storage for boats and launches, together with basic toilet facilities.  At 496 square metres, it will provide much-needed space. Access to the river is via a gradually sloping platform on the School’s own land, enabling pupils to manoeuvre boats safely before they cross the public footpath to the launch steps.

Update February 2019

The work for the Lower Boathouse is currently out to tender, with work scheduled to begin at Easter.  This will be updated as more detail is confirmed on the work and schedule for the Lower Boathouse. 

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Boathouse plans 2019

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