St Peter's School

OP Club

Old Peterites become members of the Old Peterite Club

The Club is run by a committee which consists of Old Peterites, the Head Master and the School’s Development & Alumni Manager, who acts as the Secretary to the Club.  The Club holds three meetings a year, and it works with the School to support a programme of OP events, including annual OP Dinners in Newcastle, and the East and West Riding. Committee members also volunteer at events such as OP Day.

The OP Club also considers bids from OP groups requiring financial support to pursue OP activities, such as the provision of equipment for an OP sports team.

You can read an introduction from John Coles, OP President and more about his aims for the OP Club here

The Annual General Meeting is held on OP Day, 31 August 2019.

We welcome new committee members – for more information, contact Philippa Dunford-Jeffs on 01904 527 363, or at

The OP Club Committee

President: John Coles (School 1959 - 1963) 

Immediate Past President: Graham Todd  (Queen's 1959 - 1964)

Secretary: Philippa Dunford-Jeffs, Development and Alumni Manager

Treasurer: Andy Tuck (Temple 1975-1980)

Michael Jobling (Grove 1961-1966)

Bill Hudson (The Grove 1959-1964)

David Todd (Linton 1990-1995)

Anthony Robinson (The Rise 1970-1973)

Linden Richardson (School 1958-1964)

Peter Emsley (The Grove 1959-1964)

Mark Hepworth (Queen’s 1965-1971)


Peter Netherwood (Temple 1951-1953, Queen’s 1953-1957)

Bob Elliot (Queen’s 1953-1957)

School Grace

Benedic Domine nos et dona tua
quae sumus sumpturi per Christum
Dominum nostrum Amen

[Bless us, Oh Lord, and these thy gifts
which we are about to receive
through Christ our Lord, Amen]

Tua, domine, largitate repleti
gratias agimus per christum
dominum nostrum, Amen

[Lord, we who are filled with
your abundance give thanks
through Christ our Lord, Amen]