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Exams and results

A-Level results

The A Level system has been significantly overhauled this year.  The previous structure, which relied heavily on the consistency of pupil grades over two years, including marks from coursework and the intermediate results generated by AS exams at the end of the first year of study, is being replaced by a linear course with a much greater emphasis on performance in a single exam at the end of two years of study.  Thirteen subjects have so far been moved to the new system, with the remainder to follow in 2018 and 2019.

St Peter’s pupils were undaunted, with more than three quarters of all A Levels passed at A* - B.  27 pupils achieved at least three A*/A grades, while a highly impressive 77% of passes in Art were at A* or A, and 68% achieved the top grades in Maths. 93 pupils were accepted by their first or insurance choice of university.

“The class of 2017 have done tremendously well,” said Leo Winkley, Head Master.  “Each cohort has its own character and I am delighted that this diverse and talented year group, our biggest ever, has secured such an exciting range of pathways beyond school with this year’s crop of A Level results.

“This has been a year of significant change with a number of subjects moving to the new linear two year courses (with no coursework and no re-sits) and the uncertainty that this brings for both pupils and teachers.  In the context of a national drop in results in these new courses, we are pleased with these results and we can look to the next cycle of exams with great confidence, and wish the leavers of 2017 every success and happiness in the next stage of their journeys.”

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GCSE results

Pupils at St Peter’s School in York have once again achieved a record pass rate at A*, with 44% of all exams passed at the highest grade.

The School’s extremely strong performance in recent years has continued, with 91% of all entries passed at A*-B – the grades crucial for entry to good universities, and most valued by employers.

Pupils receive their GCSE results 2017

Fourteen pupils achieved at least 10 A* grades, including Barnaby Baker, Samuel Beighton, Rebecca Dowson, Jamie Dunsmore, Georgina Edwards, Harriet Edwards, Thomas Hatfield, Tara Jones, Lily Kirkby,  Man Yi Lee, Patrick Livings, Rosie McLeish, Lily Naylor, and Clara Wright.

A further thirteen pupils achieved straight A*/A grades in all subjects, including: Madeline Bennison, Benjamin Denison, Harriet Doyle, Grace Freshwater, Alexandria Johnston, Jack Mayfield, Ella McLaughlin, Thomas Raper, James Smith, Tiffany Spink, Grayson Townend, Fergus Waterhouse and Amy Webster.

Head Master Leo Winkley said: “I am so pleased for all the pupils and teaching staff whose hard graft, inspiration and plenty of intellectual perspiration have been justly rewarded with these wonderful GCSE and iGCSE results.  Of the 1,151 entries across 21 academic subjects, over 91% were awarded A*-B, with an outstanding crop of 44% achieving the top grade (A*).  This really is a remarkable achievement from a cohort of children who have also enjoyed great accomplishment outside the classroom in what is a genuinely all-round educational atmosphere at St Peter’s.   There are some outstanding individual results, with endeavour as much a feature of success as intellectual aptitude.  They appear to have embraced a ‘work hard, play hard’ culture in which it is okay to try hard academically.  It is always a delight to see youngsters achieving their own personal bests.

“I warmly congratulate all our academic departments who have delivered excellent teaching and learning with strong outcomes across the curriculum.  The Mathematicians have once again achieved a 100% pass rate and only two grade C’s; these stellar results are echoed by outstanding performances across the range, including in Religious Studies, Art, Music, Geography, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Latin and Design Technology, to name a few.  All departments should be proud of what their candidates have achieved in a year that has delivered our largest ever batch of A* grades.

“With this excellent platform in place, they can confidently approach a host of further academic and co-curricular challenges that await them as they move into the Sixth Form.  I wish all the pupils well as they start out on their A Level studies.  Exciting times!”

Pupils at St Peter’s School sit iGCSEs in almost all subjects, which are generally regarded as more rigorous than GCSEs, and provide a better foundation for study at A Level.  The School’s results are not therefore affected by the change to the GCSE grading system this year.

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