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Exams and results

A-Level and Pre-U results

St Peter’s congratulates its 2018 Upper Sixth Form pupils on their excellent examination results.

83% of grades were awarded at A*-B for A Level, or at the Pre-U equivalent grades.

More than one in five - 22% - of all exams were passed at A* or at the Pre-U equivalent grades.  Over one quarter of pupils – 34 from a cohort of 120 - passed every exam at A* or A, or at the Pre-U equivalent grades.

More than half the year group took Mathematics A Level, and pupils have once again achieved outstanding results in this subject. Of 59 candidates a tremendous 80% passed at A* or A.  88% of pupils sitting Further Mathematics passed at the same grades.

Results in French were also particularly strong, with 90% gaining Pre-U results equivalent to A*-A at A Level.

Dr Alastair Dunn, Acting Head Master of St Peter’s School, said: “The academic results of our Upper Sixth pupils come on top of a very successful year for them, with significant achievements in Drama, Music and Sport and across the breadth of our busy co-curriculum.

"Whilst we hope our pupils will celebrate their academic achievements, we would also like them to remember their time with us as being about much more than these results, excellent as they are. We are immensely proud of this year group’s enthusiasm to try new things, their commitment to developing their skills and talents, their commitment to our community, and their willingness to embrace life’s opportunities.

"Today’s Upper Sixth leave us as well-rounded young people, who have the confidence and enthusiasm to make an impact in the wider world. We look forward to keeping in touch with each of them, and to following their progress over the coming years. I congratulate them on their excellent results and thank their dedicated staff and supportive parents.”

Pupils at St Peter’s can now choose whether to take A Levels only, or combine A level examinations with the esteemed Cambridge Pre-U examinations, which are benchmarked to A Level standards but offer an extended scoring range to reward high achievers.

Dr Alastair Dunn said: “The excellent results of the first St Peter’s cohort to take the Pre-U examinations is a testament to our pupils’ hard work as well as the innovative and rigorous programme the School offers.”

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GCSE Results

Pupils at St Peter’s School are celebrating securing 44% of all GCSE and iGCSE grades at A* or 9-8.  This year seven subjects were assessed using the new 9-1 scale, and more than a quarter of all grades awarded in those subjects were at 9, equivalent to a high A*.  The national percentage of Grade 9s awarded was 4%. 

Fifth formers narrowly edged the School ahead of last years’ results in achieving those grades needed for entry to top universities and sought after by employers: 92% of grades at St Peter’s were awarded at A*-B or 9-5, up from 91% in 2017.   

This striking academic success comes from a year group who have fully embraced the opportunities of life at St Peter’s beyond the classroom. Acting Head Master Dr Alastair Dunn warmly congratulated the cohort on their participation and successes across a wide range of areas, including the creative arts, sport, debating, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Combined Cadet Force and community service. 

Several departments enjoying record-breaking results. The school’s Mathematics department is celebrating a ninth successive year of increase in the top grades with 92% of pupils awarded 9-7 (previously A*-A) and 100% of pupils sitting Further Mathematics receiving A*. This success follows a very strong performance for the School at A-level Mathematics, as reported last week. 

The English department has seen 78% of pupils awarded A*-A grades in English Language, a 10% cumulative increase from 2017. 

83% of Geography grades were awarded A*-A, and 86% in Music 9-7. 

Whilst all pupils have reason to be proud of their efforts and achievements, highlights of this year’s results included 9 pupils achieving 10 or more grades at A* and 9-8, and 27 pupils achieving A*- A and 9-7 in all subjects. 

Dr Alastair Dunn, Acting Head Master of St Peter’s School, said:  

“It is delightful to see our pupils fulfilling their potential so impressively, and taking justified pride in all that they have achieved . These excellent outcomes - 70% of GCSE and iGCSE grades at the school were awarded A*-A or 9-7 - are a tribute to the hard work and focus of pupils and teachers over many years. 

"After such a strong performance across a broad curriculum these young people will begin their Sixth Form studies with a track record of success, the habits of perseverance, resilience and curiosity, and a very confident academic grounding. 

"This year group is now filled with enthusiasm to study their chosen A Level and Pre-U courses, and enjoy the increased opportunities for independence and leadership that come with life in our Sixth Form, while continuing to excel across our broad co-curriculum. 

"We look forward to welcoming these pupils back in September and to nurturing their growth in wisdom, endurance and friendship as senior members of the school community. What wonderful achievements. We will watch their next steps with anticipation and pride.”

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