St Peter's School



Fees for 2017/18

St Peter's School

Third to Sixth Form

Day Term

Day Annual 17,550
Boarder Term 9,720
Boarder Annual 29,160
Non EU Boarder Term 10,200
Non EU Boarder Annual 30,600
Music Tuition

Individual lessons £26 per 40 minutes.
Instrument hire @ £32 per term.

Learning Support Individual lesson £26 per 40 minutes

St Olave's School

J4 & J5 J3 J1 & J2
Day Term 4,840 4,645 3,995
Day Annual 14,520 13,935 11,985
Weekly Boarder Term 7,445 6,750
Weekly Boarder Annual 22,335 20,250
Full Boarder Term 8,270 7,495 -
Full Boarder Annual 24,810 22,485 -
Non EU Boarder Term 8,680 7,870 -
Non EU Boarder Annual 26,040 23,610 -
Music Tuition Individual lessons £26 per 40 minutes.
Instrument hire @ £32 per term.
Flexi-boarding £46.00 per night (St Olave's Only)

Clifton School and Nursery

Year 3

Reception and
Years 1 & 2


Full time term

2,990 2,790 2,580

Full time annual

8,970 8,370 7,740

Mornings term

- - 1,435

Mornings annual

- - 4,305

Afternoons term

- - 1,195

Afternoons annual

- - 3,585
Music Tuition Individual lessons £19.50 per 30 minutes. Instrument hire @ £32 per term.

Additional notes

Tuition fees include the costs of stationery and textbooks. There are no compulsory extras except for examination fees. Lunches are included in day fees.

  1. Cleared funds must be received by the School no later than 10 calendar days before the commencement of the School term to which they relate. If the due date falls on a public holiday or a weekend, payment must be made no later than the working day immediately prior to the due date.  An interest charge of 10% pa is made on overdue accounts.
  2. The withdrawal of a pupil from the School or a change from boarding to day status requires a full term’s notice in writing and is subject to prior agreement with the Head Master.  Failing this, a full term’s fees will be charged as liquidated damages.
  3. Casual boarding is charged at £46.00 per night in addition to the day fee.
  4. A 10% reduction in boarding fees is made for the children of serving members of the Armed Forces.

Clifton School and Nursery is a registered provider of the Nursery Education Grant for which all three and four year olds are eligible, regardless of parental income. Pupils attending for five or more sessions a week are entitled to the full grant of approximately £500 per term and those attending fewer sessions receive a sum calculated on a pro-rata basis.

If you require information on the 2017/18 fees then please email our Admissions Officer Gillian Daniells: