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Additional exam information

St Peter's 13-18

Additional exam information

Exam Boards June 2019

A level Exam Boards June 2020

GCSE Exam Boards June 2020

Data protection legislation

Whenever an external examination entry is made some personal information on a pupil is passed to an examination board; usually only their name and date of birth. The examination boards are improving their systems for post-results services (re-marks, access to scripts) and transferring to Internet based operations.

It is necessary, under data protection legislation, for you to give consent for your sons/daughter’s personal information to be used with these new systems.

We will assume that such consent is given unless you contact us and withdraw your consent.

It is very much hoped that using these Internet based systems will speed up the processes of re-marks and accessing scripts after results are published.

English Exam Qualifications for British Universities

Applicable to Overseas Pupils
New pupils who begin studying A-levels and who wish to go on to a British University may not have obtained a high enough grade in their English exam to satisfy entry requirements for a British University, (i.e. at least Grade C or above in HKCEE).

During your first year in the Sixth Form you will be given extra lessons to help achieve entry requirement level, in the I.E L.T.S. exam, (grade 6 or above).

Until recently, the required score has been 6.0 or more. However, some faculties in some universities are now expecting up to a score of 7.0. It is essential that you look at the prospectus of the individual universities before you apply, to check their requirements in this respect. If you have not achieved the required score you may need to take the exam again.

Entry for this examination will be administered through St Peter’s School. There will be an entry fee for the exam which will be charged to the school account. Also, extra lessons, if needed, will entail a charge to the school fee account.