In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented a strict visitor policy to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the whole school community. Please read our visitor policy before you visit the school.

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St Peter's 13-18

Travel to St Peter's

The School has a comprehensive procedure to ensure safe transit of its boarding pupils. However, parents are asked to note the following guidelines in particular.

Parents or Guardians are asked to provide boarding house parents with at least two weeks’ notice of all flight details and times so that the School can make the appropriate arrangements. Should your child be flying into or out of Leeds/Bradford airport, parents or Guardians are asked to fill in the Leeds Bradford Airport Transfer Arrangements form as soon as possible and return it to in order for appropriate arrangements to be made.

Return and departure

If a pupil returns to the UK before the first day of term, overnight accommodation and the airport transfer must be arranged by parents, relatives or guardians.  Boarders joining the school for the very first time should follow the timings shown in their joining packs.  At other times, boarders should arrive at the boarding houses between 4pm and 6pm on the Sunday before the academic year begins. If any pupil is unable to meet these times due to flight schedules they should contact their houseparent well in advance in order for other arrangements to be made.

For pupils travelling long distance, we would recommend pupils leave a day early rather than a day  late at the end of term.  If a pupil needs to leave the UK after term has finished, overnight accommodation and the airport transfer must be arranged by the parents, relatives or guardians, however, term dates should be adhered to.

Airport transfer

The School will organise airport transfers to and from Leeds Bradford Airport at no extra charge within the following agreed allotted times.

  • Arrival at Leeds Bradford Airport must be on the day the boarding house re-opens for the start of term or half term (usually this is a Sunday)
  • Departure from Leeds Bradford Airport must be on the last day of the school term (usually this is a Friday)

Other Airports: The School does not arrange transfers to and from any  other airports.   Houseparents will advise about alternative transport methods should your child be travelling to another airport.

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