In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented a strict visitor policy to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the whole school community. Please read our visitor policy before you visit the school.

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St Peter's 13-18

Being part of our boarding community allows pupils to dedicate more time to the things they love, putting them in the best position to take advantage of all St Peter’s School has to offer. 

Junior boarding is available for children in Years 7 and 8 at St Peter's 8-13. Boarders in years 9 and above join the boarding community at St Peter's 13-18. 

Our "Information for Boarders" document sets out some of the things we are doing at St Peter’s to make sure that we are all ready for you when you come in September. 

Your boarding House is your home while you are in school. All of the measures we are taking to keep you safe and well are based on that, making sure that you have all of the comforts, fun and practicalities you would have if you were at home. Your Houseparents, Matron and other staff are there to care for you, answer your questions and make sure House life continues as normal. 

As a member of the Boarding School’s Association we have adopted the BSA Covid-Safe Charter to reassure parents and pupils that we take our responsibilities very seriously and that boarding will be a safe environment to which pupils can return.

Download the BSA Covid-Safe Charter.