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A typical day

St Peter's 13-18

A typical day

StOlaves1 142The boarding day is full of choice and opportunity, but without a commute, and by being present in the school community with other pupils and staff full-time, our boarders tell us that there's more time for the things they love.

Early bird or late riser? 
Boarders rise at around 7am to 7.30am, and may choose to head out on a cycle ride, go rowing, or visit the library. Others prefer a lie in! At 8am a full boarders' breakfast is served in the dining hall: a chance for boarders from all houses to get together and one reason the boarding community here is so strong.

House get together

After breakfast, each boarding house will have an informal house meeting to share their plans for the day and be reminded of important events, such as trips, that are scheduled for that day. Houses will discuss and resolve and issues relating to the house and work together on projects such as House Sing, House Chapel or House sports matches.

The school day

Day pupils arrive later. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, all St Peter’s pupils attend Chapel at 8.40am, an important time for community and reflection during the busy school week. On Thursdays, the whole school meets for Assembly with the Head Master.

Lessons begin at 9am, with day pupils and boarders mixing in classes and continue until morning break at 11am, when boarders can return to their houses to catch up with friends. Day pupils will go to day rooms in the main school building.

Lunch is served for all, after which boarders and day pupils will take part together in lunchtime activities, if they wish, or simply relax in the bedrooms and many communal areas of our boarding houses.

Afternoon lessons finish at 4pm, followed by a huge choice of co-curricular activities. Boarders from across the School then gather for a joint boarders' tea.

Evenings: more time for the things you love

Without the disruption of a commute, and in company with each other, boarders can make an early start on their prep, then, when studies are over, the library, art block, music rooms, gym, swimming pool, as well as the facilities in the boarding houses themselves offer lots of opportunity to practice skills. Our boarders tell us that their use of social media and the internet is much lower than that of their day friends: boarding encourages busy, productive, community-based living.

Parents may visit in the evenings, or may collect their children to go out to the theatre or for a meal.

Boarders from one house may visit another house, though only in the downstairs rooms.

Time to explore

Boarding at St Peter's offers a blend of focused, community living with the freedom to explore the city of York, only a 10-minute walk from our boarding houses.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, after Games or Activities, senior boarders can spend some time in York with friends. It's a beautiful city with lots of things for young people to do, including cafes, independent shops, beautifully maintained parks, museums, theatres, cinemas and a huge range of internationally-renowned festivals encouraging children to try new things.

Sundays are a chance for a lie-in, followed by a much-loved brunch, with boarders free to spend the rest of the day however they like, returning in time for tea. On many weekends, our houseparents organise activities and trips.

Pierre and Kieran from The Manor made this video to show us how they start their day: