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St Peter's 13-18


StOlaves1 149We want to ensure that boarders whose parents live overseas are cared for at all times, including at the beginning and end of school holidays. As such, it is necessary that all boarders, regardless of age, must have a Guardian based in the UK. These Guardians will be responsible for assisting with the care of the pupil when necessary, for example with travel arrangements or in emergencies.

For this reason it is strongly advised that Guardians live within a reasonable distance; ideally within two hours of the School.

An offer of a boarding place at St Peter’s is conditional on an approved Guardian being in place before the start of term. An approved Guardian will be over 25 and will be either a family member, a family friend or approved by a recognised agency and DBS checked. We recommend that you appoint an AEGIS accredited guardian.

University students living in University halls of residence will not be accepted as legitimate Guardians. Should the Guardian change during the boarder’s time at St Peter’s, the boarder’s parents must inform the school as soon as possible.

At times, boarders need to be away from School (for school trips and University open days for example). At such times the Guardian will be required to assist either to give consent to a trip or visit, to arrange travel, or to provide care. In the first instance the Guardian should discuss plans and confirm arrangements with the boarder’s Houseparents. Good and regular communication between Houseparents and the Guardian is encouraged to ensure boarders are well cared for and kept safe at all times whilst in the UK.

Beginning and End of Terms

It is expected that all boarders, overseas and UK based, should arrive at school the evening before the start of term. Boarding houses will be open from 6pm and dinner will be provided at 6.30pm. Boarders will then have time to unpack, meet up with friends and prepare for the start of term.

At the end of term boarding houses will close in the afternoon of the last day of term.

Half Term

In advance of each of the three half-terms in the school year, Guardians are asked to ensure accommodation arrangements for the boarder(s) in their care are communicated to the Houseparents. The Christmas Term’s half-term holiday is two weeks long. The Easter and Summer Terms both have a week’s half-term holiday. Half-terms run from the end of school on Friday afternoon to 6pm on the Sunday before the start of the second half of term.

Exeat Weekends (An exeat is a weekend holiday)

It is the responsibility of the Guardian to ensure accommodation arrangements are communicated to the Houseparents in advance of an Exeat weekend. The boarding houses will be closed during Exeat Weekends, from after lessons on the Friday to 6.00pm on the Sunday.

Please note that UK Visas and Immigration stipulates that all boarders’ holiday contact details must be submitted to school before the start of each school holiday. Houseparents will assist in gathering this information at each exeat, half term and end of term.

Travel Arrangements

Guardians are asked to take responsibility and make arrangements for travel, to inform the School and to keep us updated with any changes that may occur. Term dates are provided and we ask that they are adhered to. Where travel arrangements cannot correspond with the beginning and end of term, Guardians are kindly asked to request for permission for early leave or late arrival from the Head Master. The School’s Carol Service (held on the final day of the Christmas Term) and Commemoration Service (held on the final day of the Summer Term) in York Minster, are significant events in the School’s calendar; all pupils are expected to attend.

We strongly advise that overseas pupils arrive in the UK several days in advance of term in order to recover from jet lag to be fully prepared for the start of term. This is particularly significant when overseas boarders arrive at the School for the first time. Pupils will need to stay with their guardian during this period.

For pupils travelling long distance, we would recommend they leave a day early rather than a day late at the end of term.  If a pupil needs to leave the UK after term has finished, overnight accommodation and the airport transfer must be arranged by the parents, relatives or guardians.In prior arrangement with parents, the Guardian will take full responsibility for arranging significant travel. All arrangements should be communicated to the Houseparents.

We provide a transfer service, free of charge, to Leeds/Bradford Airport. Should the transfer service be required, please complete the Leeds Bradford Airport Transfer Form.  Houseparents will advise on alternative transport methods should your child be travelling to another airport. 


Regardless of a pupil’s age we do not consider Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts or University Halls of Residence to provide adequate care for our pupils and we ask that you always provide a suitable host family when the need arises.

Medical care

St Peter’s has 24 hour medical care for ill pupils supervised by qualified nursing staff. If an overseas pupil is too ill to remain in School it will be the Guardian’s responsibility to arrange adequate travel arrangements and medical care for them away from school.


Parents and Guardians will receive all correspondence from the School. Where it is necessary for the Guardian to act as a translator for the parents, guardians are encouraged to communicate with Houseparents whenever necessary, to ask and answer questions and address concerns.

Visas and Passports

In accordance with UK Visas and Immigration regulations copies of overseas boarders’ passports and visas will be kept by the school. It is the responsibility of the pupil’s parents via their Guardian to ensure that passports and visas are kept up to date. 

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

In order to cope with the high academic and social demands of the School, pupils must be fluent English speakers. We may however recommend that pupils receive individual tuition in English at the parents’ expense. In this case, we are able to provide EAL support to assist pupils whose first language is not English. The rate for September 2021 will be £30 per 40 minute lesson. The charge will be reviewed annually and will be charged in arrears for each term.

St Peter's 13-18 Contacts

Admissions – Mrs Gillian Bland
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Headmaster’s PA – Miss Charlotte Frank
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St Peter's 8-13 Contacts

Administrative Officer - Stephanie De Goede
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Master’s PA – Miss Sara Bath
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Useful numbers

National Rail enquiries – – 08457 484950
Station Taxis (based at the railway station) – 01904 623332
York District Hospital – 01904 631313