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St Peter's 13-18


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Linton is a splendid old building filled with character, and occupied by a happy, confident and co-operative community of up to 40 boys, cared for by Mr and Mrs Battersby.

Lintonite boys are proud of their house and supportive of each other.

Linton is like a second home to me and every staff member in the house is like a parent, especially Mr and Mrs Battersby. I rely on this lovely bunch of people for advice and guidance, which can be hard to find 15,000km away from home.

Max Mikhail

There is always a helping hand nearby, whether you need it or not. Linton is a place where everyone can be themselves and this makes boarding a really special and unique experience.

Lawrence Lam

You can read a review of life in the house for the academic year 2017-8 here.

House parents: Mr H and Mrs H Battersby

Resident assistant: Mr L Patterson

Tutors: Mr P J StephenSome of the Linton boys recently undertook our "How Well Do You Know Your Housemates" Challenge: