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Friendships for life

St Peter's 13-18

Friendships for life

Pupils at St Peter's often describe their housemates as their little families within the wider school community - nowhere is this more evident than in our boarding houses.

Our boarders develop friendships for life as part of a friendly, nurturing boarding community. 

Anthony, Linton
As the weeks go by, you develop friendships but it’s more than friendship, because you see them every single day when you get up and when you go to bed... It’s a brotherhood.

Anthony, Linton

Hope rugby 2017
I have three sets of friends now: my home town, school and rugby. So there’s always someone I can speak to.

Hope, Dronfield

Some are drawn to the boarding lifestyle partly because of the depth and longevity of the friendships it encourages, something Charlotte heard from her older brother.

Charlotte, Dronfield
My brother says that when you meet up with people you used to board with, it’s like you’ve never been apart. It’s natural being together, like with family.

Charlotte, Dronfield

Even for those who board with their brothers or sisters, there are many benefits to feeling part of a wider and more varied family.

Ben and Olly, Manor 2017 (2)
At home, Ben might not have anyone else his own age to go to if he needs to talk about something or just wants to mess about, but here he’s got a load of friends, and I’ve got my friends as well.

Olly, The Manor

Ben and Olly, Manor 2017
Me and Olly probably see each other more here than at home, but we’ve got more choice of who to spend time with. There’s always space and there are always other people to talk to.

Ben, The Manor