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Part-Time Boarding

St Peter's 13-18

Part-Time Boarding

StPeters16Day2 109To enable our pupils to benefit from the boarding experience, a part-time package is offered to Third, Fourth and Fifth Form pupils. This may suit the varying needs of those families who want boarding as part of a St Peter’s education. Part-time boarding runs in parallel with our full-time and day offering in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms.

The entry point for those wishing to start part-time boarding at St Peter’s will be at the beginning of the Third Form. Pupils either transferring from St Peter's 8-13, or applying externally, may consider the three options: day, full boarding and part-time boarding.

To develop a sense of belonging and to strengthen the house community, part-time boarders are full members of their boarding house, participating fully in its life, and representing it in activities.

Day pupils already in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms wishing to board part-time may also apply and be offered a place, subject to available space, and the School’s judgement of whether the individual would flourish in boarding.

Part-time boarding is ideal preparation for full-time boarding in the Sixth Form, where the independence that it brings supports the transition to life beyond St Peter’s. Part-time boarders who do not wish to continue as full boarders in the Lower Sixth Form will be asked to indicate their preference to become day pupils early in Fifth Form.

The following conditions apply to Part-Time Boarding:

  • Part-time boarding is a commitment to three nights per week, except Saturday, which is not available. On Sunday part-time boarding starts from 18:00.
  • The three nights of part-time boarding are to be fixed on a termly basis by the pupil’s parents and the House Parent. This is to enable the pupil to develop a stable routine, which is important for wellbeing, and the sense of a house community. In exceptional circumstances, this routine may be adjusted, subject to the agreement of the House Parent.
  • Evening meals are offered on all evenings apart from on Saturday.
  • Supervised prep is offered from Monday to Friday.
  • Part-time boarders need to arrive in time to register in House in the morning by 08:10, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Part-time boarders may breakfast at school on the morning following the night that they are boarding.
  • Part-time boarders will be expected to leave the boarding house at the end of prep or at the end of the house meeting on the nights that they are not boarding. By arrangement between the House Parent and the parent, they may leave earlier.
  • Full-time boarders are usually registered with the School’s medical practice. Part-time boarders are encouraged to do so as well.

Visit our admissions pages for part-time boarding fees.