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The benefits of boarding

St Peter's 13-18

The benefits of boarding

Boarders in York 2017

We encourage families to meet our boarders and house parents consider carefully the benefits that living with fellow pupils and having access to all our facilities can bring.

Some families have a long history of boarding; other pupils are the first in their family to experience this way of life.

Boarding may have changed a lot from your own memories, and we do believe boarding at St Peter's School has a special character, with our small, friendly houses and our proximity to the cultural and social heart of York.

Every child is different, and each family's needs are unique. Boarding brings memories, opportunities and friendships that last. Our boarders love the way of life. Could it be for you?

  • There's more time for the things you love
    Living on campus means boarders have unrivalled access to all St Peter’s has to offer: our sports facilities, our music rooms, our library, our house gardens – all 47 acres of our riverside campus.
  • You can immerse yourself in learning
    Our boarders tell us they get more work done and there are fewer distractions here than at home. Living in an environment dedicated to learning encourages focus, determination and progress, whilst it’s hugely beneficial to have our academic staff close by.
  • It helps families make more of their time together
    The days of pupils being ‘sent away’ are long gone – boarders tell us that they are often more enthusiastic than their parents about the idea of boarding. With pupils having the option to go home after games on a Saturday, returning as late as Monday morning, protected family time on exeat weekends, and endless opportunities for parents to visit for sports matches and performances, boarding is an ideal way to make the very best of family time.
  • It helps children become more independent and make friends for life
    Boarding provides the ideal preparation for university and independent life. As well as giving pupils greater control over how they use their time, living with people from a wide variety of backgrounds encourages respect for other people’s opinions, cultures and personal space. On this basis, boarders make friends for life at St Peter’s.
  • You can experience a calmer, ordered school day 
    Without having to worry about long commutes to and from school, boarders feel fresher at the start of the day and benefit from more time to relax at the end of it. With houseparents, matron and catering team to take care of them, boarders can focus on what they’re passionate about, without having to worry about the stresses of everyday life. Should any issues arise, our boarding staff, the Chaplain, the Sanatorium and fellow boarders are always there to lend a hand.
  • Be at the heart of St Peter’s School
    As a boarding school, our ethos, timetable and structure are built around boarding life. There really is no better way to make the most of the fantastic opportunities St Peter’s School has to offer.

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