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Junior Boarding

St Peter's 13-18

Junior Boarding

Boarding at St Olave'sSt Peter's is not just a school where pupils come every day to learn; it is also home to a number of pupils who board full time, part-time or just the occasional night. 

Junior boarding is available for pupils in J4 / Year 7 and above. St Peter's 8-13 pupils board in Wentworth House. The House Parents, Gareth Sharp and his wife Helen, ensure that the atmosphere is just like being part of an extended family and boarders soon feel at home. Each room is colourful and warm, displaying the children’s favourite posters and photos, their own bedding and a few treasured belongings.

There are always events taking place in the House which bring everyone together. Evening activities include swimming, rounders, cricket, tennis, skate-boarding, cooking and craft. We watch suitable videos and DVDs on our ‘cinema’ screen and have games consoles as well as pool, table tennis and table football. There are plenty of computers in the house; all pupils have an email address and access to a phone, so there is no excuse for not staying in contact with friends and family!

I love living with my friends and being able to play football with them after school every evening

Year 8 boarder

St Peter's 8-13 day pupils are welcome to stay occasional nights, weekly or full boarding. Over the last few years we have had increasing demand for pupils to have an overnight base at Wentworth House for just a few nights a week and have tailored our boarding options to the needs of our pupils and parents, whilst not diluting what we offer to those who board seven nights a week.

Why should I consider boarding?

Many parents find our boarding provision to be the perfect solution to busy working lives.

Full boarding provides a permanent and stable base for children whose parents live further away, are in the Forces, or just want to take advantage of after school activity and life.

Weekly boarding enables parents to devote the week to their work commitments and the weekend to their children.

Flexi-boarding is convenient for all sorts of reasons; from heavier work commitments during specific months through to moving home and building works. There are many reasons why flexi-boarding may be able to relieve family pressures.

Boarding also has many benefits from a pastoral point of view, with pupils able to interact with others, share a bedroom, and generally get on with each other. Our boarding offers a friendly, safe and secure environment where pupils can benefit from extra-curricular activities, structured prep supervision and extra time with friends. Whatever the reason and whatever parents and pupils require from boarding, we will do our very best to help.

Here are a few examples of why our pupils board:

  • their parents live further away or are in the Forces
  • their friends board
  • they like the structured prep supervision
  • they are considering full time boarding at St Peter’s 13-18
  • they would like to stay for an after–school activity but live a long way from school and would get home very late
  • they have a sport fixture and need to stay late
  • they are interested in boarding and want to experience a ‘taste’ of boarding life

Types of boarding we offer

Full boarding: full time boarding in Year 7 (J4) and Year 8 (J5)

Part-time boarding: Children board for a minimum of two nights per week, up to four nights a week, Monday to Friday, subject to availability and a termly commitment is required.

Weekly boarding: Weekly boarding including five nights boarding in Wentworth (Monday night – Friday night)

How to apply 

You can apply for Junior Boarding as part of your application to St Peter's 8-13.