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St Peter's 13-18


CCF4The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is an educational partnership between the school and the Ministry of Defence which provides pupils with the opportunity to develop personal responsibility, self-discipline, teamwork and leadership through a broad range of challenging and exciting military-style activities. 

Through the activities on offer, we aim to instil core values such as discipline, courage, selfless commitment, and respect for others. Practical exercises help to improve pupils’ endurance and resourcefulness whilst encouraging them to persevere in often difficult conditions.

St Peter’s School CCF is an Army Section. The Contingent Commander, Captain Sal Sleigh, and School Staff Instructor, Captain Tom Smith MBE, both served in the Regular Army in the Royal Corps of Signals.

Pupils may join CCF in the 4th form. The basic training package comprises training in:

  • Weapon handling
  • Drill (marching)
  • First Aid
  • Navigation
  • Military knowledge
  • Fieldcraft (how to operate in an outdoor environment)

A formal parade is held to mark the end of basic training, during which pupils are presented with their berets.

Senior Cadets will undertake training in the following areas, which provide the opportunity to develop additional skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership:

  • Advanced fieldcraft 
  • Command and leadership activities
  • Communications training
  • Survival skills 
  • Method of instruction (basic skills to teach junior cadets)
  • Problem solving and critical thinking tasks

Cadets will have the opportunity to assume additional responsibility and earn promotions, with one cadet being appointed as Head of CCF in the Upper Sixth each year.

Each year we run a number of offsite activities, including:

  • Day trips to fire on the indoor and outdoor ranges at Strensall;
  • Overnight field exercises on Strensall common (usually at a weekend);
  • A week on a Cadet Summer Camp during the summer holidays.

Cadets at all levels also have the opportunity to do other activities such as arrow tag, archery, military swimming, and a military style dinner night is held periodically too.

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