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Head Master's Address

St Peter's 13-18

Head Master's Address

Jeremy Walker

Commemoration is a chance to reflect on everything that we have achieved and learnt over the last year. There is much to celebrate, but this remarkable year has undoubtedly presented unexpected challenges and difficulties. 

Thanks to the individual and collective efforts of the whole school community we have pulled together to face adversity with creativity. Our ability to overcome the difficulties that we have faced is proof that, whatever life throws at us in the future, we can overcome challenges together and thrive and flourish under the circumstances. 

We have been able to achieve so much because our foundations are strong and secure.

Mr Jeremy Walker

This year, Mr Walker's Commemoration Address focuses on community, relationships and partnerships, pastoral developments at school which will support the well-being of our pupils, remote learning and technological advances, and the importance of face to face contact. 

Mr Walker thanks staff, parents, governors and pupils, who have ultimately had to draw on their own character and ability to adapt to new ways of being 'at school' whilst being at home. There is also a special message for the Upper Sixth, who will be leaving St Peter's School this year under extraordinary circumstances.

Watch Mr Walker's full Commemoration Address here...