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Pastoral care

St Peter's 2-8

Pastoral care

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House System

The House System is at the heart of our pastoral care provision at St Peter's 2-8.

When entering Reception, each child is placed in a House, named after a gateway to the City of York: Walmgate, Micklegate or Monk.

The House System is another way in which we encourage children to take responsibility and feel community between school years; house points are awarded in lessons for hard work, with the winning house for each week being declared in assembly. There are also termly awards for house achievements, and a new House Captain is selected on a termly basis.

House spirit is at its best in inter-house competitions, such as the Swimming Gala and our annual Sports Day, where pupils of all ages cheer each other on and trophies are awarded to the winning teams.

The house structure is an ideal way to prepare pupils for life at St Peter's 8-13 and St Peter’s 13-18, who operate similar systems to foster friendly competition and community.

School Council

The School Council meet weekly to discuss with staff any concerns they might have about school life or to make any suggestions on how to improve their experience. Pupils are welcome to leave notes in a box by the entrance which are then collected for consideration by the Council.