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Andy FalconerOur purpose here at St Peter's is a bold one – we want to change the world by nurturing and inspiring every individual in our care.  

The children in the St Peter's 8-13 family will grow up and move on to the next stage of their education. They will go out into the wider world and we want to inspire them to see that they can really make a difference in that world. We will help nurture a character centred on integrity, kindness and respect in all their interactions with others. 

It takes courage to live a life like this, to be a dynamic individual who dares to live each day to the full. You need to learn to be resilient, embrace mistakes and to bounce back. We feel that this best happens when a child feels nurtured within a family environment, a safe place where they can flourish, and that is what St Peter's provides. We provide the space that allows us to provide the children with extraordinary opportunities to discover their passions.

If you feel that this is the sort of community where your child can flourish, where they can be nurtured and inspired to change the world, please get in touch so that we can show you the School in action.

Andy Falconer
Head of St Peter's 8-13

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