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DJI 0128The St Peter's campus is situated on Queen Anne's Road off Bootham, just outside the ancient city walls of York. It is a convenient and central location which offers pupils easy access to one of England’s most beautiful cities.

The School benefits from sports pitches, tennis courts, 47 acres of grounds, an indoor swimming pool, and a boat house on the banks of the River Ouse.

These facilities are shared by all St Peter's pupils aged 2-18. The schools form a loose triangle on three sides of the grounds; close enough to feel connected but far enough apart to maintain their distinct characters. Progressing through the schools, this mix of familiarity and change helps provide stability and continuity to a child, while helping them grow.

Campus 2019

The St Peter's junior boarding house, Wentworth, sits a short walk across the grounds.

The campus is cared for all year round by a team of dedicated groundsmen, estate managers and facilities assistants. They ensure that the campus is always well kept, secure, and functioning smoothly.