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Saturday 9 November 2019

Our Open Mornings give your family the chance to see what life is like living and learning in the heart of York. 

As lessons take place across St Olave's for our eight to thirteen year old pupils, you can:

  • watch subject teaching across all year groups
  • see our wonderful facilities for music, art, drama, technology, science and sports
  • meet the Master, Andy Falconer
  • take a tour of Wentworth Boarding House and hear about our flexible, weekly and full boarding options
  • learn more about our Growth Mindset ethos and Learning Habits
  • find out more about the admissions process

It’s the very best way to understand what makes St Olave’s so special and experience the energy and commitment to learning that fills every classroom, corridor and learning space.

Registering in advance will save you time on the day, and allow you to begin your visit swiftly after your arrival. 

Register for our November 9 Open Morning. 

Or email the Master's PA, Miss Sara Bath, with any enquiries.