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Why Be A Chorister?

Why Be A Chorister?

ChoristersBecoming a chorister is a life-changing opportunity. Choristers develop key skills, make friends for life, and discover a joy of music that will last a lifetime.  

The shared heritage between St Peter’s School and York Minster can be traced back to the year 627 AD, when the School and the Minster were founded in the same year and on the same site by St Paulinus of York. Today, St Peter’s School is the second oldest choir school in England and the fourth oldest school in the world. 

Choristers benefit from the rich opportunities presented by this shared heritage, including an outstanding education at St Peter’s School alongside the chance to sing in one of the world’s most magnificent cathedrals each day. Choristers form part of a 1,000-year-old tradition of church music. 

All pupils at St Peter’s develop a lifelong love of learning from a young age, with an all-round education supplemented by an extensive co-curricular programme to develop their talents in music, academics, culture or sports.  

We are only a short walk away from York Minster, so the choristers can enjoy being members of the York Minster Choir whilst taking full advantage of everything St Peter’s School has to offer. 

Choristers also take part in recordings, live TV and radio broadcasts, and international tours.

Fee Assistance

All choristers are educated at St Peter’s School and their fees are subsidised by the Dean and Chapter of York Minster. For all choristers, 60% of the school fee is paid by York Minster.

Choristerships are open to all and additional means-tested funding is available to those who may not be able to afford the remaining 40% of the fee. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Once choristers reach Third Form (Y9) and leave the choir they will be able to apply for music scholarships and means-tested bursaries to ensure that they can continue their education at St Peter’s.

Jeremy Walker
Playing and listening to music is an elemental part of being fully human and the skills developed go beyond the musical to those needed for life.

Mr Jeremy Walker, Head Master, St Peter's School, York

Robert Sharpe 2
Choristers sing in Europe’s largest gothic cathedral and become proficient musicians because of the daily routine of rehearsing and performing.

Mr Robert Sharpe, Director of Music, York Minster