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What sort of children are you looking for?

St Peter's 13-18

What sort of children are you looking for?

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St Peter's is a vibrant community. Our children - and teachers - come from a range of backgrounds, from many different parts of England and from many different countries.

What unites us is our values and our enthusiasm for learning.

We are keen to offer Help With Fees to children who will:

  • bring their own talents, passions and personalities to our school
  • make the most of the opportunity that a St Peter's education represents 
  • contribute to the enjoyment and success of their fellow pupils through their willingness to get stuck in to a wide range of activities

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If you are applying for Help With Fees, your application will be considered in two parts:

  • Your eligibility for means-tested fee assistance
  • The likelihood that your child will thrive at St Peter's and contribute to the school community

Eligibility for fee assistance

You may be eligible for assistance covering between 10% and 100% of school fees.

Your eligibility will depend on your income, assets and necessary outgoings. We will try and build up a full, accurate and fair assessment of your particular family circumstances.

If you're not sure if you would qualify, or you're unsure of the level of fee assistance that might be available in your circumstances, we are very happy to talk through your situation and advise.

We can't give a final decision without you completing the application and assessment process, but early advice can give you some indication of the level of assistance we may be able to offer.

Our Assessment Process

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Every child brings their own mix of talents and personality to our school. There is no single 'type' of child who thrives at St Peter's. 

We've put together some brief notes covering some of the qualities we will be looking for, as part of our assessment process for all children applying to St Peter's, including those who are applying for fee assistance.

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Doing well at school

Children should be performing well at school at most subjects, though we understand they will have their preferred lessons and specialisms.

We will usually seek a reference from your child's current school.

Able to form friendships and work with others

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The fun of being at St Peter's very much focuses on the vibrant life of our school houses. We expect pupils to make friends and socialise across the school community. Not every pupil is a natural extrovert, nor do we expect that, but all children who do well at St Peter's are able to display welcoming, caring and inclusive behaviours.

Enthusiasms and skills

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Whether it is netball, piano, volunteer work or creative writing, we look for children who devote their time and energy to pursuing their hobbies.

We will talk to your child during the application process about the things that they enjoy doing.

Trying new things

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Not everybody is good at everything, but at St Peter's we believe it is important, especially, when young to give everything a try. Your child may not have fenced, or played cricket, or sang on stage, or participated in a debate, before joining St Peter's, but we will give them these opportunities and more. 

We are always pleased to see children who are unafraid to try new things, and who participate equally enthusiastically in all activities.


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We are a Church of England school, and compulsory chapel service forms a regular and important part of our week.

We welcome applications from all faiths, and include a range of faiths among our current pupils.

During the application process, we will be looking for an understanding and commitment from your child to our core values of friendship, trust, wisdom, compassion, endurance, humility and hope.