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Sirius Society

St Peter's 13-18

Sirius Society

The Sirius Society is a new pupil-led society that celebrates intellectual curiosity, learning and ideas.  Pupils initiate activities and learning opportunities beyond the school curriculum to enrich and enhance their academic experience. The society is run by a small leadership team of individuals from across year groups who organize activities. Recent initiatives have been a History reading club, Law Society, Medical Society, Philosophy Club and plans are afoot for a dissection group and performance of Oedipus Rex.

Sirius means ‘bright, shining star’ in Latin and the Sirius Society provides a platform for our pupils to shine. The Society is chaired by a Lower Sixth pupil and supported by Ambassadors who have a particular passion for certain subjects or vocational areas such as Law, Medicine, Engineering or Marketing.  

Ambassadors are encouraged to organise events and discussions alongside teaching staff specialists for the benefits of all pupils at St Peter’s 13-18.  

We want to encourage our pupils to explore subjects and to be pushed not only academically, but also to understand how to take ownership of their own learning - to become independent thinkers. At the heart of this will be a love for learning and thirst for knowledge.